Brian Fiske

Brian Fiske, PhD

Brian co-founded Mythic in 2017 and currently serves as Mythic’s Chief Scientific Officer. Prior to Mythic, he was a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Ohana Biosciences and a Senior Associate at Flagship Ventures, where he also co-founded KSQ Therapeutics. During his time at Flagship, Brian successfully led R&D teams to key milestones, recruited 25+ FTEs across all levels of seniority, and raised $34M across multiple rounds of financing. In 2016, he was nationally recognized for healthcare entrepreneurship by Forbes 30 under 30.

Prior to Flagship, Brian completed his PhD in biology in Matt Vander Heiden’s lab at MIT where he published over 10 papers in the field of cancer metabolism. He also worked closely with Agios Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: AGIO) on their cancer metabolism programs, which have since translated into four clinical programs that include two approved drugs. He holds an AB summa cum laude in Biochemical Sciences with a secondary field in Economics from Harvard University.