What is FateControl?

Antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) are designed to deliver chemotherapy directly to tumors. However, more than 95% of the dose often ends up in healthy tissues, decreasing efficacy and increasing toxicity.

Until now.

Mythic’s innovative FateControl™ technology increases ADC uptake in cancerous cells while avoiding payload release in normal cells. This allows us to dramatically increase efficacy for a wide range of targets and cancer types without causing unacceptable side-effects or toxicity. The result: better treatment outcomes in broader patient populations.

pink antibodies

Mythic in Action

Our approach takes us closer to realizing the full potential of ADCs for patients across the world.


Bold Exploration from a
Strong Foundation

At Mythic Therapeutics, we approach our work as entrepreneurs and innovators, blazing new trails that lead to better patient outcomes. We do so decisively and thoughtfully, drawing upon the decades of experience within our leadership team and scientific advisers. We are changing the state of the art.

Together, let’s re-envision cancer therapy.